• 2000 Love's Labour's Lost
  • 1999 Blast From The Past
  • 1997 Excess Baggage
  • 1997 Batman and Robin
  • 1995 Clueless
  • 1995 Hideaway
  • 1995 The Babysitter
  • 1995 Le Nouveau Monde / The New World
  • 1995 True Crime / Dangerous Kiss
  • 1994 Cool and the Crazy (TV)
  • 1993 The Crush
  • 1993 Judith Krantz's 'Torch Song' (TV)
  • 1993 Scattered Dreams (TV)
  • Other appearances:
    1995 Music Video: Aerosmith - Crazy
    with Liv Tyler
  • 1995 Music Video: Aerosmith - Cryin'
  • 1995 Music Video: Aerosmith - Amazing
  • 1988 "The Wonder Years"

Alicia Silverstone was born on October 4, 1976 in San Francisco. Her
mother Didi is a former airline stewardess and her father Monty is a real
estate investor. Alicia has a brother, his name is David. Her parents
are English and she spent her early summers in England.
She is 170 cm heigh and her eye color is emerald. Carolyn Kessler is
her best friend as well as her agent. Alicia has a dog called Samson,
described as a "rotweiller-pit bull-doberman".
Alicia started her career with a commercial for Domino's Pizza. In 1988
her first role was on the TV-show "The Wonder Years", where she played
Kevin's dream girl.
She became legally emancipated at the age of 15 to work the long hours
required by "The Crush's" shooting schedule. She refused to appear nude
in "The Crush." A body double was hired for the nude shots. Alicia
stood firm on her no-nudity policy,turning down the title role in "The
Babysitter" numerous times until the filmmakers got rid of all nudity from
the script.

She won "best villan" and "breakthrough performance" at the 1994 MTV
movie awards for her performance in "The Crush." Alicia became very
famous by appearing in three music videos with Aerosmith. The were all big
hits. Cryin, the first of Alicia's three Aerosmith videos, was honored
as the best video of all time on MTV.

Alicia also did some theatre work. She played a lesbian cocaine addiction in
a play "Carol's Eve".

Film roles Alicia turned down or missed: Missed on My Father the Hero
because she was a little bit heavy compared to Katherine Heigl. Missed
on Little Women due to age. Turned down replacing Shannon Doherty on
Beverly Hills 90210.

After becoming famous to everybody in the Aerosmith videos, she made
"Clueless" which was a major success and made Alicia a superstar.

The people who hadn't heard of Alicia after "Clueless" and the
Aerosmith videos, got to know her when she played Batgirl in the latest Batman
movie, directed by Joel Schuemacher.

She recently started a production company called "First Kiss
Production". The company has produced the movie "Excess Baggage" together with
Columbia Pictures.

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